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Tech News Today 17: iPhone 4: Hotter than Becky?

by TWiT

Published June 23, 2010

YouTube wins against Viacom, Leo finds an iPhone 4 next door, Droid X is official, and more.

Run time 42:54
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Becky Worley
Erik Lanigan
Guest: Leo Laporte



iPhone 4 lines begin

Google wins summary judgement in copyright case against Viacom

CBS shows coming back to Hulu

Droid X coming to Verizon on July 15 with Android 2.1

White iPhone 4 delayed

iOS 4 jailbroken

iFixit reveals iPhone 4 internals

iOS4 causes problems with Ford Sync

Russian leader visits Silicon Valley

Verizon shows potential of their fibre network

Bing integrates Zune marketplace

Android marketplace apps could allow third-part access to private info

Sears and K-Mart to sell TVs with streaming video features

Apple app catches iPad thieves

Voicemail from JD about iPhone 3G upgrade to iOS4

Email from Phil about high PC requirements for OnLive

Email from Ralph about encrypting WiFi connections

Email from Matt about using Minority Report interface in real life

Leo brings in Will Soper's iPhone 4 to compare with Tom's 3GS

Email from Adam about Telstra's stadium naming rights


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